Special Events

These prices are reserved for those attending a special event or needing styling services for a photoshoot. If you are attending a wedding and there is no bride in your group, these rates would apply. Please submit a 'Request a Quote' form to begin the process in determining our availability for your date, time and location. Blow dry services are the same rate.



Our Services

Special Event Hair / Makeup Packages

Service Price
Hair & Makeup Package (1 hr 30 min)

Approximately 1.5 hour appointment

  • Price $190.00
Hair Only (1 hr 30 min)

 Approximately 1.5 hour appointment 

  • Price $95.00
High School Student Hair & Makeup Package (1 hr 30 min)

Approximately 1.5 hour appointment 

  • Price $160.00
High School Student Hair Only (1 hr 30 min)

Approximately 1.5 hour appointment 

  • Price $80.00
High School Student Makeup Only (1 hr)

 Approximately 1 hour appointment 

  • Price $80.00
Makeup Only (1 hr)

Approximately 1 hour appointment

  • Price $95.00

Additional Services-Special Events

Service Price
Men's-Light Foundation (1 hr)

 very light coverage and blending for a skin - matching foundation application.

  • Price $50.00
Touch-up-Baggie (1 hr)

 A white 3.5" x 6" zipper mesh baggie with a matching lip color swab for light touchups, bobby pins mini hairspray small mirror and a mini facial kit for a post wedding day glow to rejuvenate the skin. 

  • Price $25.00




Tattoo-Coverup: $20-$60 Moderate coverage for your tattoo. Consultation via email and photo submission trail appointment is required to obtain an exact price quote for this service. Prices vary based on size of tattoo and time it takes the artist to cover.


Extra Fees


Extra Hair: For those with thick, dense, curly or coarse hair, an extra hair fee of $20 - $40 would apply.

Parking Fee: If your artist needs to pay a meter, garage, or valet for parking. This will be added to your final bill. (at cost)

Toll Fee: If your artist needs to pay tolls to arrive at your location, this will be added to your final bill. (at cost)

Transaction Fee: Flat Rate = 2.9%. This fee applies to all totals for tax purposes.

Travel Fee: A travel fee of $2/mile rate applies when you are located more than 10 miles from our 22303 zip code (Google Map it for your rate). 





Important Information to Review


 We Offer a booking option that does not require a service minimum.


We offer a $5 discount to those with short hair, if the hair does not touch the back of the neck nor shoulders (ear length).
A %5 Military Discount is applied to those with a valid military ID at time of service. This discount cannot be transferred to non -ID holders. Groups of 5 or more require more artists to ensure our best work without rushing and to conveniently reduce your service time (fee applies).
Please use our "Request a Quote" form to obtain availability for your date. We will email back with our questionnaire, which is essential to determining our availability.


***Special Event Bookings will be invoiced only. If you have accepted our quote and signed your contract. you should have already been able to access your invoice and submit payment through our invoicing system. If you require edits to your invoice, please email us directly

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